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  • We Advocate for You!

  • “I didn’t have time to lift my head up from running my business,

    I joined the Chamber so they could warn me about what’s headed my way.

    It’s like having an insurance policy.”

    Larry Moore, Owner Larry’s Auto Works

    Co-chair Business Issues and Public Policy Committee

    We Advocate for You

    You might not have time for anything other than your business. That’s what the Chamber of Commerce Mountain View is here for. Our staff and members advocate for you and your business. We are your eyes, ears and voice on business issues.

    Keeping track of the latest legislative development can be nearly impossible.  A great benefit of being a member of our Chamber is our legislative advocacy at every level of government. Chamber staff, Business Issues & Public Policy Committee (BIPP) members and our Board of Directors all work tirelessly to represent local business to government.

    Come follow the Proposed Initiatives & Bills that could effect you HERE!

    Staying active with the Silicon Valley Chamber Coalition, Joint Venture Silicon Valley, NOVA, Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the California Chamber of Commerce, we track what’s happening at the local, state and federal levels that might impact our business communities.  We aim to inform you, understand you and communicate your needs.

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