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  • What is a Chamber of Commerce?  

    It's actually quite simple -- a chamber of commerce is a organization that's dedicated to protecting and promoting the local business community.  It's primary goal? To be the eyes, ears and voice of business owners,  oh yeah, we help business owners network and grow their business.  

    Chambers of Commerce have existed almost as long as there has been commerce.  It was back in the Middle Ages that tradesman banded together in groups to look out for their business interests.  In 1599 the first organization to call itself a chamber of commerce was formed in France, and in 1770, King George III chartered the first chamber in the colonies in New York City.

    How is our chamber different?

    We have been told that we are a very unique chamber.  We have a strong connection to our community and a representative body of non-profits as both members and on our board.  We don't look at business ONLY, we believe that for business to thrive, you must balance community success with business success.  

    Why should you join?

    Chambers remain one of the best ways to network with other entrepreneurs, businesses and community members in virtually any community.  Membership brings credibility to your business! Let’s start with some important research data according to a study conducted by the Schapiro Group, which showed that 63% of consumers were more likely to purchase a product or service from a Chamber member.

    • Develop new Relationships
      This isn't about networking; this is about gaining new friends, associates and advocates.

    • Create Visibility
      The age-old adage applies here — “out of sight, out of mind.”  While many companies are looking to be seen in the cyber world and are doing a very good job of it, nothing sells your business better than being in front of people face to face.

    • Leverage Promotion
      Chambers offer a wide-range of advertising options and sponsorship packages. A business can sponsor entire programs or events through a chamber.

    • Create Community Connections
      Some business leaders in large companies have expressed the feeling they’re too big or not local enough to require local chambers of commerce services. One flaw in that thinking is they and their employees are very much a part of the local economy, regardless of the number of franchise locations they have in other states. Ongoing education Based on member surveys and ongoing member communication, chambers can provide speakers at events or links to expert articles through emails and newsletters that members specifically request.

    • Participate in Chamber Programs & Events
      Chamber events include business training luncheons, networking specific events, awards banquets, city celebration events and many others specific to each chamber. All of these events are designed to build your business in some fashion, whether through training, promotion, networking or community service and can be the perfect addition to the other methods a business employs for building their business.

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