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  • With the newest orders from the County and the opening of Castro Street to pedestrians, more businesses are re-opening and expanding their services. Here's a quick overview of what you need to do to be compliant, with links to important guides, documents, and signage. Please note that conditions and regulations continue to change rapidly, so please check back for updated information.

  • New County Orders - Back to Tier 1 Status (Nov 16) 

    On November 16, Santa Clara County announced that given the sudden, rapid spike in COVID-19 cases and the significant increase in hospitalizations, the County has been moved back into the State’s Tier 1 (Purple) on November 17. This supercedes the announcment from November 13, when the County planned to enter the Tier 2 (Red). Full press release is available here.

    The new order closes indoor dining and restricts many activities indside and outside. The County has released mandatory directives on capacity limits, outlined here.

    The State has also ordered a 10pm curfew for Santa Clara County from November 21 to December 21. Read the limited stay at home order here.

    Revised County Orders (Oct 5)

    As of October 14, Santa Clara County moved into the Orange Tier (Tier 3) and put into effect the guidelines set forth in the Revised County Orders issued October 5, which supercede those issued in July. Summary details are available here.

    Under the new County Health Order, 
    all businesses must submit a NEW Social Distancing Protocol form, whether you are already open and have previously submitted one, or are opening for the first time. See below for details. 

    Santa Clara Tier 2 Status (Sept 8)

    The State of California announced that Santa Clara County had moved from the Purple Tier (Tier 1) to the Red Tier (Tier 2) on the State’s new COVID-19 blueprint. Full press release available herePlease note: Santa Clara has stricter orders on re-opening which supercede the State orders.

    State Orders (August 29)

    The State of California announced its Blueprint for a Safer Economya new COVID-19 risk and reopening framework that replaces the State’s previous County Monitoring List framework. Under this blueprint every county in California has been assigned to one of four tiers based on its rate of new cases and test positivity rate. Counties must show consistent success in stemming the transmission of the virus before allowing businesses greater flexibility to reopen and group activities to resume. For full details, click here.

    State Orders (July 13)

    Several businesses that were scheduled to open July 13 under the July 2 Health Order were closed as of July 15. Press Release is available here.

    County Health Order (July 2)

    Santa Clara County’s Risk Reduction Order was announced July 2. The order allowed certain additional activities to resume, but also put in place long-term, across-the-board risk reduction measures. It requires that all businesses, including those open before July 2, submit updated Social Distancing Protocols (see below) in order to operate. It also detailed several sector-specific mandatory directives that must be followed before opening

    To find the latest status of activities allowed, click here

  • What is Open and What is Closed

    Moving into the Purple Tier means that indoor dining will not be allowed, nor will indoor meetings or gatherings. The State's website includes information on the Purple Tier and its impact on businesses and activities.

    In addition to the closure of indoor dining, moving to the State’s Purple Tier means:

    • No indoor meetings or gatherings
    • Indoor gyms and fitness centers are closed
    • Indoor retail (including shopping malls) will have to reduce their capacity to a maximum of 25%
    • Indoor pools will have to close
    • Indoor family entertainment centers (such as bowling alleys) will have to close
    • Indoor cardrooms will have to close
    • Wineries will have to close indoor operations
    • Outdoor bars, breweries, and distilleries will have to close, unless they are functioning as a restaurant and providing meals
    • Indoor museums, zoos, and aquariums will have to close
    • Religious services will need to be held outdoors


    Please click here for Mandatory Directive on Capacity Limitations

  • To operate outdoors in Mountain View, you need to follow the City's guidelines as detailed in the Citywide Outdoor Business Operations Program.

    Click here for Outdoor Operations guidelines.


  • What All Businesses Must Do to Operate

    • Submit new Social Distancing Protocol form to the County: Under the October 5 County Health Order, all businesses must submit a NEW Social Distancing Protocol form, whether you are already open and have previously submitted one, or are opening for the first time. This requirement is being rigorously enforced as of October 14. Please follow the link and read the instructions, then scroll to the bottom of the page to access the form.
    • Social Distancing: All businesses must require employees and customers to wear face coverings according to new face covering protocols, maintain at least 6 feet from others at all times, and provide hand washing/sanitizing supplies to customers and staff.
    • Industry-Specific Directives: Businesses must follow any industry-specific directives from the Health Officer, and any industry-specific guidance from the State. See below for current list.
    • Capacity limits: Businesses can have no more than one worker per 250 gross square feet and no more than one customer per 150 square feet of space open to the public in the facility at one time.
    • Reporting COVID-19 Cases to Public Health: Businesses must alert the Public Health Department if workers test positive for COVID-19, and ensure workers alert their employers if they were at work while infectious.
    • Telework: All workers who can do their jobs from home are required to work remotely.


  • Social Distancing Protocol Form - New Form Required as of October 14

    The Social Distancing Protocol associated with the new Order contains updated requirements.  Prior protocols will no longer be valid as of October 14th.  Businesses that are already operating under the existing Health Order must complete and submit the new Social Distancing Protocol to remain in operation.  Those businesses that are newly allowed to reopen under the Risk Reduction Order must complete the new Social Distancing Protocol prior to reopening.

    Submitting the Social Distancing Protocol - REQUIRED

    • All businesses must complete and submit a Social Distancing Protocol through the County's online portalThis is required even if you completed a Social Distancing Protocol prior to October 14.
    • When you complete the Protocol, you will have access to signs and posters, including "COVID-19 Prepared"
    • You will need to post signs to keep workers and customers informed of social distancing, face covering, and hygiene requirements.

    The Protocol form calls for you to do the following:

    • Train workers on how to be safe at work.
    • Direct sick workers to stay home, and screen all workers for symptoms.
    • Perform and report results of contact tracing.
    • Adhere to new capacity requirements, and maintain social distancing.
    • Make soap and water or hand sanitizer available for cleaning hands.
    • Thoroughly and regularly clean facilities.


  • Sector-specific Mandatory Directives and Information

    Search for a specific sector or activity here


  • For More Information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Blueprint for a Safer Economy

    The County's Public Health Order Information Page

    The County's Business Landing Page for businesses to find resources related to requirements for operation, workforce resources, safety guidance for workers, and other resources

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