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  • Still time to Get Your Home Updated for the Holidays!

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    November 16, 2017

    Online interior design services are a new trend for busy tech workers who want to upgrade their home life without investing their most valuable resource: time.


    Mountain View, CA - Nov. 15, 2017 - We all like the idea of being home for the holidays, but for many in Silicon Valley, figuring out how to gather in tiny spaces is a real challenge. The booming tech economy has blessed tech workers with lucrative--and demanding--jobs, while sky-high housing needs have shrunk living spaces. Tech workers are often too busy to invest time in making their homes inviting, and are challenged to make tiny apartments or shared housing feel like home.


    This problem is being tackled uniquely by DesignFix (www.DesignFixHome.com), a local team that reflects some of the best Silicon Valley partnerships: design and engineering. Designer Amanda Giles has an encyclopedic knowledge of local sources and a keen eye for color, while Shelly Ostman is an electrical engineer with a fascination for creating robust practical systems within the home. Together, they have designed a process to help busy people make quick, affordable changes so they feel happier with their homes.


    “We love the challenge of making a place look fantastic and at the same time function well for the way our clients actually live,” says co-founder Giles. “We recently installed a complete apartment, including art on the walls and dishes in the cupboards, exactly a week after our first conversation with the client. And the price was great for him because everything was from Ikea.” Ostman adds, “It’s one kind of challenge to start from scratch, and another to use what our client already has and add only what they need. We enjoy finding the right solution for each individual or family.”


    Unlike online-only design services, DesignFix offers local sourcing and complete installation, meaning that busy techies can come home to a completed upgrade without having to deal with hauling, assembly, arrangement, or disposal of packaging. Consultations are offered in-home or online, and interested parties can schedule a free 15-minute phone call at www.DesignFixHome.com/book-now.


    DesignFix combines the best of the traditional interior design world with the efficiency and convenience that Silicon Valley’s fast pace demands, allowing people to experience more style and comfort with less footwork.

    Amanda Giles, Residential Lifestyle Consultant
    home. HAPPYnow
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