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    A & W - 6' x 6' Table Top Package

    Package includes a 6 foot x 6 foot space with umbrella and one 6 foot table.
    From $1,000.00

    A & W 10' x 10' Booth Package

    Package includes a 10 foot x 10 foot marketing booth, one 6' table. 2 chairs.
    From $2,500.00

    A & W Co-Sponsorship Package

    Recognition of a world-class, award-winning, high profile event, providing exceptional public relations, consumer engagement, and branding opportunities. Title rights of stage/area sponsorship of (pick one): Music Stage, Community Stage, Pigskin Party Lounge with Giant Screen TV, Kid's Park. Co-sponsorship designation as such in festival advertising and promotion. Branded signage blanketing the stage/area backdrop, front and crown. Logo/ID Branding Package (details below) Live announcements by stage MC
    From $10,000.00

    A & W Logo/ID Branding Package

    Package includes your name/logo displayed on:24 Bay Area newspaper ads, 21,000 posters, 25,000 programs & 800 volunteer t-shirts

    A & W Premium Booth & Logo/ID Branding Package

    $6000 Value: which combines the Premium Booth Package with the Logo/ID Branding Package. Includes: 10' x 10' marketing booth, 1 6' table, 2 chairs at a premium location as well as name/Logo displayed on 24 bay area newspaper ads, 21,000 posters, 25,000 programs and 800 volunteer t-shirts.
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