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  • Mountain View is located in the heart of Silicon Valley (Mountain View put the "silicon" in Silicon Valley) and at the center of the technology industry, covering 12 square miles and is home to almost 78k residents, many nationally and internationally known corporations, and a thriving small business base.

    Located 10 miles north of San Jose and 35 miles south of San Francisco, the city is bordered by Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale. The central location provides easy access to the entire San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California cities.  San Jose International Airport is located 11 miles to the south, and San Francisco International Airport is located 25 miles to the north. All airports are easily accessible from Mountain View by VTA Light Rail and CALTRANS.

    Mountain View prides itself on having attractive and well-built residential communities served by neighborhood parks and playgrounds, recreational facilities, quality education, and convenient shopping. The housing includes a wide range of styles and sizes to suit all preferences. In addition to having ownership opportunities, there are a number of rental properties to suit divergent needs.

    Mountain View recognizes the need for a robust socio-economically diverse local economy and Economic Development continues to be a high priority. We are proud to be one of only three cities in the State of California with an AAA credit rating which means the City has been formally recognized as having a solid and diversified tax base; a very strong financial operation; and a low debt burden. Mountain View is proud to have a solid small-business base as well as being home to many of the world’s most pioneering organizations in the fields of High-Tech, Biotech, and Telecommunications. We are also proud to have NASA Ames, one of the nation’s leading research laboratories, reside in our City.