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    Business Resiliency Kit

  • COVID-19 has changed the way people shop. The sudden and long-term mandatory closures of many businesses shifted consumer’s purchasing habits to ordering online, much of which is likely to stay. There are many small businesses that may not know how to extend their online presence to reach and communicate with new and loyal customers. To help, the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce created this Business Resiliency Kit.

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  • The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce Business Resiliency Kit includes the following pdf’s:


  • To begin, first assess your current digital presence:

    A.  Are you taking advantage of Google with a Business Listing?

    If no, begin with Priority 1 in the chart below: Enable your customers to find you through Google My Business. If yes, continue to B.

    B.  Do you have a website or Facebook Business page?

    C.  Have you created a video or photo tour of your businesses?

    If no to B and/or C, begin with Priority 2: Help customers know your product or service with an online presence and a virtual/photo tour. If yes, continue to D.

    D.  Does your business post on social media?

    E.  Do you connect with your customers through email?

    F.  Are you communicating your COVID-19 compliance with your customers?

    If no to D, E and/or F, begin with Priority 3: Communicate with your customers through social media, use email to reach them, and communicate your business safety measures

    For businesses who are using all the resources listed, stay tuned to learn about e-commerce options (Priority 4) such as the Mountain View Marketplace coming soon!


  • Use this check sheet to prioritize use of this kit:




    Enable customers to find you:

    How to use Google My Business



    Help customers know your product or service:

    How to Build an Online Presence for Your Business

    How to Create a Virtual Video Tour


    Communicate with your customers:

    How to use Social Media to Increase Business

    How to Grow Your Business Through Email

    COVID-19 Business Safety Measures



    Mountain View MarketPlace (coming soon!)


    Looking for the definition of the digital lingo? Download our Digital Dictionary here.

    For support, email the Chamber at support@ilovemv.org