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  • The Chamber is a non-profit that works closely with local businesses, City staff, elected officials, neighborhood organizations and the public at large to ensure that Mountain View thrives for all. Your donation will help us continue to serve the community in the following ways:


    Solve Critical Business Challenges
    The Chamber is the advocate for local business, leading conversations on fundamental needs such as rent relief, financial aid, city restrictions and permits. We forge effective collaborations between businesses and government, social services, financial institutions, and local press to bring these issues to light and drive towards solutions. We also host forums, roundtables, and webinars on pressing topics.

    Increase Sales
    The Chamber helps ensure customers can find our businesses and their products. We assist with advertising and promotions, put on amazing events that bring people together and highlight what makes our city so unique. We work with media outlets to bring attention to key issues and spotlight key individuals and institutions like our local shop owners.

    Provide Vital Information
    In our rapidly changing environment, it is essential to stay up to date. Through Chamber newsletters, websites, social media, and other resources, members receive valuable guidance to help them handle current conditions as well as prepare for the future.

    Build Strong Connections
    The Chamber continues to helps form and leverage business connections through focused discussion groups, virtual mixers, and meet ups. Most important, the Chamber works closely with members to understand specific needs and helps potential partners find each other.

    Celebrate Mountain View
    The Chamber also provides extremely popular bridges with the community. Scholarships for underserved students, leadership experiences for employees, visitor services, and public events are just some of the ways that businesses and the community have come together to make Mountain View an exciting, vibrant and unique place to live and work. As restrictions are lifted, virtual events will once again be enjoyed in physical locations.

  • Special Campaign - The Art & Wine Festival

    The Art & Wine Festival is Mountain View's award-winning annual gathering that brings over 170,000 people to Dowtown. It's a stunning way to showcase and support small businesses, community groups, City services, local artists and our wonderfully diverse culture. With costs rising dramatically each year, your support helps us ensure that this beloved tradition continues.

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    We are extremely grateful to the following companies and individuals for their support of the Chamber

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